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Corporate expense on business travel, conference organization and various events represent a significant part of a company’s budget. In order to optimize the expense, a specific and careful approach is required.

Sun Spree Travel Partner’s consultants pay great attention to the optimization of financial expense of their corporate clients. Having this in mind, we research the leading trends in corporate travel, policies and procedures in travel management, as well as individual preferences, in order to deliver quality services.

Based on the results from the research, our professional team negotiates with partners and suppliers in order to offer you preferential (individual) collaboration conditions, which will later on influence the expense optimization.

Our consultants’ task is to develop and offer several options and together with the client choose a variant, which will serve their needs in the best way.



We understand and value the influence which quality has on your business travel or event and take the full responsibility of offering a vast variety of services at convenient rates for you and your employees, as corporate clients of Sun Spree Travel Partner.

We invest our time and resources in developing superior ways of serving your needs and control over the quality of operational processes.

Due to our specifically developed system, we have constant control over your requests and reservations, which are based in individual accounts. The automated system reflects on every change in your itinerary, which leads to avoiding any mistakes. Furthermore, the system is made in way that all information about a specific client’s travel history is stored and could be provided at any moment to our clients.



In this way we offer our clients an overview of their costs, the content of their required services, and scale of savings, acquired in result of their cooperation with our company.

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