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Joint development of corporate incentive  program for the employees of our corporate clients and their families, including the following services:

  • holiday and excursions organization in Bulgaria and abroad
  • hotel reservations
  • airline tickets of regular and low-cost companies
  • concert tickets
  • ferry tickets, etc.

Those services are offered with a fixed discount off the market prices or a specially negotiated for the client rates.



By implementing the incentive program directed towards the employees, the employer will develop a corporate social responsible image of the company, which takes care after its employees and their families, striving to satisfy their personal needs as well. That will help towards the increase in work motivation and employees loyalty.

The incentive programs could be negotiated in various parameters, according to the employer’s requirement. They could be presented by means of:

  • travel vouchers
  • Christmas presents
  • bonuses for the best performance
  • fixed discounts on all services offered by the travel partner company
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