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In today\'s business environment, your corporate event or Christmas party must exceed expectations, precisely deliver your message and importantly come in on budget.


Themed parties and events, whether an awards ceremony, a special occasion or just a gathering of your company\'s employees, Sun Spree Events has different themed entertainment packages to meet and exceed your needs and expectations. Themed events and parties can be used in many different applications and add that finishing touch and extra sparkle to your company\'s special event.


That is where we can help you because that is what we do, giving you the freedom to focus solely on your business.


Place: We will choose the best suitable place for your event, carefully considering your requirements and budget.


Scenario: We will develop a specific scenario for your event, welcome your guests, and lead the entertainment program, offering a lot of fun, games, and surprises for your guests.


Arrangement: For every single event we make an individual design of the venue, focused on your requirements and identity.


Food and beverage: Soft and elegant cocktails, special dinner in a restaurant or organizing an open-air barbecue – we will perfectly select the food and beverages for your event.


Music: We will provide you with the music you want at your event. Our professional DJs will contribute to your superior experience. We could also arrange a specific performer on



Photographs: We can offer you a professional photographer who will turn your event into a memorable experience. We could also make branded CDs for all participants on request.

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