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Focus on services and activities that meet or exceed the expectations of our corporate clients as well as individual travellers. Develop and motivate our employees to consistently deliver on these expectations through friendly and professional service.



Sun Spree Travel Partner strives to be an innovator in the tourism industry of Bulgaria. We aim to become the preferred supplier of all travel services in the country by offering you the best and price effective products in a transparent and honest way.



  • Honesty – we constantly observe the laws in our industry and follow them strictly to offer you honest and reliable services
  • Transparency – we offer you all the information concerning your travel, in order to present superior quality of delivered services 
  • Best result – oriented – we consider all possible options for your travel and present them to you, in order to tailor the best package corresponding to your requirements 
  • Personal approach – we take into consideration all your needs and requirements and always have a personal approach to every case  
  • Positive – we start every new project with optimism, positive energy and smile towards every single client 
  • Innovators – we constantly seek innovative, better and different solutions for our clients, partners and our branch, in order to deliver the best services in a modern way.  
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