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Sun Spree Travel Partner has become an official supplier of services to the fast growing company Menew Gift offering gift vouchers.


Say "Thank you" to all your employees and partners, who have supported you throughout the year by giving them a precious gift - realizing one of their wishes! The gift voucher Menew Gift gives you the opportunity to effectively manage and motivate your employees, which in the meantime helps for the growth of the company.


Why is the gift voucher one of the best motivational tools? The voucher could be tailor-made for different occasions, namely an award for exceptional results, creating loyalty and good long-term relationships between employers and employees.

Every employee needs a holiday, an unforgettable SPA weekend or a trip, at least once a year. By receiving a voucher as a gift, everyone could easily make use of it and choose any of our holidays offers and other services at special preferential rates.

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