The Ministry of Foreign Trade of the United Arab Emirates is proud to introduce the first edition of the Annual Investment Meeting (AIM 2011) scheduled from 10th to the 12th of May, 2011 - at the Dubai International Convention and Exhibition Centre Dubai, United Arab Emirates.


The continuing shift in the world’s economic order forces emerging economies and high-growth countries to continually craft and implement new strategies aimed at growing their global market share and maintaining their competitive edge. Countries vying for top rankings in the global competitiveness index must enhance investors’ perception of the advantages of their location. The task of building and sustaining their image as a worldclass investment destination has never been so relevant. An assessment of the developing economies foreign and international cooperation policies reveals a common consensus among central and local governments, foreign trade ministries, chambers of commerce, tourism boards in devising long term strategies to attract inward FDI.

The Ministry of Foreign Trade of the United Arab Emirates has taken the initiative to set up the Annual Investment Meeting (“AIM”) in order to bolster trade relations, renew reciprocal business commitments, and ignite strategic investments from global investors towards high growth economies.


The AIM paramount mission is to encourage FDI and unravel countryspecific PPP opportunities by showcasing represented countries economic potential.

The AIM in Dubai will feature government recognized proposals delivered by key government officials and private sector top executives and will provide attending financiers with a fact & figure checked perspective on ongoing and future projects. The meeting will offer a reliable environment to build conclusive partnerships & solid bonds between investors & projects developers, to make strategic & informed investments in emerging economies’
growth sectors and to discuss structured project financing in sustainable business ventures.


The AIM is a three-day industry & investment-focused event with various features and events aimed at fostering international trade cooperation.

AIM Exhibition
AIM Conference
AIM Country Presentations
AIM Ministerial Leadership
AIM Investment Agencies
WAIPA Working Sessions
AIM One-to-One Meetings
AIM Workshops
AIM Matchmaking Symposium
AIM City Mayors Roundtables
UNCTAD Investment Showcases


The AIM will exclusively target decision-makers from the world’s most prominent trading, investment & banking communities, diplomatic missions represented in the UAE and region-specific industrialists invited by embassies, government officials and business leaders.

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